White Nights

The Nevskaya Palitra art paints factory has been producing watercolor for 80 years, while maintaining the tradition of producing the highest quality products. Time-tested recipes, well-established manufacturing technology have made watercolor paints the hallmark of the company all around the world.

“White Nights” art watercolors are made from fine-rubbed pigments and a binder from natural gum arabic, recognized as the best vegetable glue for the preparation of artistic water colors.

The maximum intensity of the color tone of the watercolor, which remains even when diluted with large amounts of water, is achieved due to the high concentration of the pigment and the fineness of its milling.

Such properties as brightness and color purity, high light fastness, excellent tear-off quality and transparency made White Nights watercolor a favorite paint of several generations of painters.

Today, the White Nights watercolor offers a balanced palette of 66 colors, of which 46 are single-color. The main part has an average and high index of light fastness.