Aleckzandera Manga/ Doctor

Awesome paints!!!!!!I've been using Cotman paints for a while now and thought it would be a good idea to try some artist's grade paints and went for these based off a YouTube recommendation. Holy cow do these hold up!Like most watercolors, a little goes a long way with these full pans! The fact that they are full pans and jam packed with color tells me they will last a while compared to my Cotmans, which are half pans. And these paints are poured paints which means less fillers, which is hard to get at this price.They are so vibrant and pigmented and for the most part translucent. You will find some of the yellows being more opaque though but I find that to be better use for me. That being said though, some of the colors I did find a little hard to paint with because they were almost too translucent-like and not very pigmented, like the Yellow Ochre and Ceruleum Blue.The case itself is awesome providing not one but two (large) palletes for mixing! The pans are not set and stable in the case though so I would not recommend it for traveling but perfect for a desk or table.I also really love that the company includes they're own blank swatch card. I know I have some OCD tidbits about making my own because of my need for equilateral symmetrical parts and they took all that hard work out for me and left me to do the fun part .
All in all if you're looking for artists paints in a budget you can't ask for a better set.

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